About Us


An Experienced Global Manager of Alternative Investments

AB CarVal’s team has navigated through ever-changing credit market cycles, opportunistically investing $147 billion in 5,730 transactions across 82 countries. Today, AB CarVal has approximately $16 billion* in assets under management in corporate securities, loan portfolios, structured credit and hard assets.

$16 Billion

In Assets Under Management

37 Years

Of Investing

150 Charitable Organizations

Providing Support Worldwide

$146 Billion


82 Countries Invested
205 Employees
70 Investment Professionals
5,715 Deals Done

*AUM is comprised of fee-earning AUM and fee-eligible AUM. Fee-earning AUM includes those assets currently eligible to generate management fees. Fee-eligible assets includes capital that is committed to an AB CarVal Fund, but is currently uncalled or recallable. The number represented here excludes assets under AB CarVal’s management that are not generating fees due to the maturity of the Fund.