A Timeline of Success

AB CarVal was founded in 1987 by Cargill. As a value investor, AB CarVal grew rapidly and established a firm foundation in the wake of the United States’ financial crisis of the early 1990s.  In the years that followed, AB CarVal expanded to Europe, Asia and Latin America as investment opportunities developed from ever-changing credit market cycles.

In 2006, AB CarVal became an independent subsidiary of Cargill, allowing the firm to expand more broadly as a fund manager. In 2019, AB CarVal became an employee-owned firm. In 2022, AB CarVal was acquired by AllianceBernstein.

Today, with an experienced senior team of investment professionals and dedicated operations, tax and legal teams across the globe, AB CarVal is an established alternative investment fund manager. AB CarVal’s deep team is focused today on market dislocations globally.


*AUM is comprised of fee-earning AUM and fee-eligible AUM. Fee-earning AUM includes those assets currently eligible to generate management fees. Fee-eligible assets includes capital that is committed to an AB CarVal Fund, but is currently uncalled or recallable. The number represented here excludes assets under AB CarVal’s management that are not generating fees due to the maturity of the Fund.