Vision & Mission


Our Vision & Mission


To be a leading, world-class investor in undervalued and credit-intensive assets as measured by the risk-adjusted returns we generate and the manner in which we conduct business.


To seek out unique value investment opportunities across the globe where we believe we can leverage our proprietary research and valuation capabilities, our external network of asset managers and our global infrastructure in order to capitalize on transient market inefficiencies and thereby pursue attractive and sustainable risk-adjusted returns.

AB CarVal's business model is distinctive in its simplicity and has at its core the following goals and objectives:

  • Bring liquidity to undercapitalized or illiquid markets.
  • Limit downside via fundamental analysis, investment discipline and dynamic risk management.
  • Establish long-term relationships with market participants through the use of transaction structures that align interests and create win-win scenarios.
  • Restructure or otherwise add value to complex situations via creative solutions and specialized servicing relationships.
  • Differentiate itself in its ethics and in the way it conducts business.
  • Attract and retain the best employees in the sector.

These provide the framework through which AB CarVal can pursue the opportunistic value investments it has become known for.


*AUM is comprised of fee-earning AUM and fee-eligible AUM. Fee-earning AUM includes those assets currently eligible to generate management fees. Fee-eligible assets includes capital that is committed to an AB CarVal Fund, but is currently uncalled or recallable. The number represented here excludes assets under AB CarVal’s management that are not generating fees due to the maturity of the Fund.